Results of 2020/2010 Champions League Round of 16

The first leg, round of 16 matches of the UEFA champions league have concluded. PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern and Dortmund look set to qualify for the quarter finals.

Barcelona lost at home to PSG by 4 goals to 1. PSG need to be very carefully as Bacelona have shown that they have the ability to come back in situations like this.

Liverpool is almost certain of qualification. They just have to avoid defeat at home to Leipzig in the 2nd leg.

Chelsea did a determined hard fought win against Atletico they only need a repeated performance against them at Stamford bridge.

Bayern easily displaced Lazio 4-1, I don’t think Lazio has got any chance of qualification.

Porto edged Juventus in the first leg, but they still have a lot of work to do in the 2nd leg.

Manchester City are in cruise control and should not have any problem qualifying for the quaters.

Real Madrid beat Atalanta in their away match, they should have no problem in the next match at home.

Dortmund just need a repeated performance at home in the second and they should qualify.

But it should be said that there are no guarantees in the champions league. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

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