When it comes to game controller connectivity to windows-based PC, the Xbox controller ranks number 1.

X box one controllers can be connected to PC wirelessly using Bluetooth or with a compatible USB cable.

Not all Xbox one controller have Bluetooth connectivity.

An Xbox controller with Bluetooth has the area around the Xbox logo button on the controller smoothly integrated without any joints with the body of the controller.

Xbox controller with Bluetooth

An Xbox controller without Bluetooth has the area around the Xbox logo button demarcated from the rest of the controller body.

Xbox controller without Bluetooth

Nevertheless, both types of controllers can be connected to PC using a compatible USB cable.

To connect wirelessly to PC make sure the Xbox one controller is Bluetooth enabled and fix the batteries.

Also make sure your PC is Bluetooth enabled and powered on.

Press and hold the Xbox button and the wireless connection button simultaneously for 3 secs. until the Xbox button begins to blink as shown.

Now on your PC go to, show Bluetooth devices and click on it.

If the Xbox one controller is not shown, click, add Bluetooth device.

It will show the  Xbox wireless controller

Click on it to connect.

There you are, the Xbox one controller is connected wirelessly to your PC and ready to play games.

This controller will also work with a USB cable

To connect with a USB cable,

Just connect the Xbox one controller to PC with a compatible USB cable and you are good to go.

If your Xbox one controller doesn’t connect, then your windows operating system may need to be updated. You can also download the Xbox driver from

It is best to have your PC connected to the internet while you connect your Xbox controllers for the first time so that the necessary drivers can be automatically downloaded while installing.

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