50kg bag of Cement

Cement is the binding agent that binds sand or sand and rock to form a  very strong concrete mass within a few days. Without cement, there is no concrete. Without cement there is no mortar.

Concrete has made it possible to build structures never before possible. Without cement to make the concrete, it would have been impossible.

Small graded rock particles, sand, cement and water are mixed together in certain proportions to make concrete. The water interacts with cement to bind the mixture into a solid mass within a few days.

There are different types of cement including;

Ordinary Portland cement,

Rapid hardening cement,

Low heat cement,

White ordinary portland cement… and so on. The common thing all these types of cement do is to Bind together when water is added.

The ordinary Portland cement is the most produced type of cement. It is suitable for all kinds of concrete and mortar works.

Cement is usually supplied in 50kg and 25kg bags. It has a volume of 0.033 cubic meter and density of 1440kg per cubic meter. 

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