Hollow Sandcrete Blocks

Hollow sandcrete blocks are the common units for wall construction in West Africa and many parts of the world. The blocks are designed hollow to make them easier to carry. The hollowness of the blocks also enable easier placement of conduit pipes and other accessories inside the wall.

Hollow sandcrete Block

Sandcrete hollow blocks are made of cement, sand and water in controlled proportions. 

A block making machine moulds the block into shape, then compresses and compacts it before it is left to dry in the sun.

Sandcrete blocks can be used for the construction of load or non load bearing walls. They also have very good fire resistance properties. 

The blocks are produced in various sizes. The 225mm( thick) by 225mm (height) by 450mm ( length) is used for external wall construction, while the 150mm(thick) by 225mm ( height) by 450mm ( length) is used for internal wall partitions.

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