Frames Per Second (fps)

Frames per second(fps) means the number of picture frames shown per second in quick succession during a video play. Most videos play with frame rates of between 23-30fps.

Any video frame rate less than 20fps will not be delightful to watch. 30fps is the standard. At this rate you will enjoy watching the video.

Most high definition (HD) videos play at between 30-60fps. True HD should play at 60fps.

Most tvs and laptops display max out at 60fps.

With the advent of ultra HD, some next gen tvs and laptop displays can play videos at more than 60fps.

Now it should be stated that the more the fps, the more delightful is the movie being watched.

As per video games, you can enjoy playing video games that play at 30fps and more, and any frame rate below 20fps is not good at all. Most video games manufacturers design the game to run at more than 30fps. If your video game is played at less than 30fps, it means your video game playing device needs some upgrade or repair.

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