How to Determine the Size of a Temporary Site Office for a Construction Site

Temporary Site Office / Accommodation

The type of temporary site office/ accommodation to be provided on site is a matter of choice. The contractor can use timber framed huts, prefabricated cabins, mobile offices or even caravans. Generally, separate offices should be provided for the different categories of site staff.

The minimum requirements for construction of this types of office/accommodation is governed by the offices, shop and railway premises acts 1963

Calculation of Office Size  on Construction Site (example)

This example is the calculation of size of building for 6 persons


Let’s assume an internal height of building of 2.4m,

3.7m2  minimum per person, and 11.5m3 per person.

Office width of 3m.


For 6 people, minimum area = 6 x 3.7 =22.2 m2


Minimum volume space= 6 x 11.5 = 69 m3

Since we have assumed the height of building as 2.4m and width as 3m, we can determine the minimum length of building by dividing ;

Minimum volume space/ (height x width) of building;

69/ (3 x 2.4)= 9.58m or say 10m (for 6 persons)

As a check ; 3 x 10 = 30m2 which is greater than 22.2m2

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