How to make Sweetened Grapefruit Juice

Grape fruit is a citrus fruit that has a bitter sweet taste.

It is rich in vitamins A and C. It does not have a significant negative impact on blood sugar levels. A ripe grapefruit can measure about 15cm in diameter and more. It is the size of at least 4 orange fruits.

The fruit can be consumed as a whole, juice or pulp.

I will show you how to easily prepare a sweetened grapefruit juice that has an improved sweet bitter taste you will love.

This procedure will require removing the pulp of the fruit, so use thoroughly washed hands.

Process; How to make sweetened grapefruit juice.

Wash the fruit and peel of its outer skin.

Next cut it open and remove the pulp. You can do this using your fingers and with the help of a knife.

Blend the pulp and sieve the mixture to extract the juice into a bowl.

Mix the juice with a bottle of Fanta orange.

Serve chilled, the taste is lovely.

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