Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transmission

Cars with automatic transmission is now the choice among drivers. It is easier to drive a car with an automatic gear system. It saves the driver the hassles of pressing down and releasing the clutch when the car has to be moved or stopped. If you have experienced driving a manual transmission car uphill or in a hold up, you will realize how easy it is with a car equipped with automatic transmission

However, manual transmission still has some advantages over its automatic counterpart. 

Advantages of manual transmission

  1. Simple design: the modelling and design of a manual transmission is easier when compared to that of an automatic transmission.
  2. Easy to repair: there is always a higher probability that a faulty manual transmission system can be repaired 
  3. Cheaper: it’s simple design makes it cheaper to buy ,install and maintain.
  4. Better braking efficiency: manual transmission cars are said to have more braking efficiency than its automatic counterpart
  5. Durability: manual transmission is more durable, this is why it is the most preferred for heavy duty vehicles.

Disadvantage of manual transmission

  1. Less smooth driving experience: driving a car with manual transmission is ok, but situations which make pressing down and releasing the clutch frequently such as during a holdup or driving uphill can be stressful.

Advantages of automatic transmission

  1. Smoother driving experience: This is achieved with  computer controlled transmission. The gears are shifted automatically when due and efficiently. It is easier to drive car equipped with automatic transmission uphill and during hold ups. 
  2. Makes Learning driving easier: one of the difficult aspects of driving is learning how to change gears efficiently even in difficult situations. Learners find it much easier to drive a car with automatic transmission as they will be spared the hassles of manually changing gears 

Disadvantages of Automatic transmission

  1. Complex design; compared to manual transmission, automatic transmission has a complex design architecture.
  2.   Harder to repair:  the complex modelling of the automatic transmission make it harder to repair when faulty. 
  3. Costlier; it is more expensive to acquire and maintain a car with automatic transmission
  4. Less durable:  Compared to its manual counterpart, Automatic transmission is said to be less durable

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