Signs That Your Clutch System is Going Bad

The Clutch is that part of your car that connects the engine to the transmission. It helps to start  to move and regulate the speed of your Vehicle. A failing clutch will give you a not so pleasant driving experience. 

The Clutch is an assembly of different parts, so having a clutch problem doesn’t really mean that the whole clutch system needs to be changed.

Here are some common signs that your clutch system is going bad;

Smell like burning rubber.

This is usually a common sign of a clutch problem. It can occur when the revolutions of the engine and the speed don’t match. For instance,  you may notice this smell when you press the accelerator (throttle) to speed up the car, the engine revolves at higher revolutions per minute and  the car speed doesn’t match up, or takes more than usual to match up. This phenomenon is more apparent when you are climbing a hilly road.

Notice that you may also perceive a burning smell if you are fond of pressing the clutch while the car is in motion.

Grinding noise when changing to gear one

If you hear a grinding noise when changing gears, particularly lower gears such as gear one; then the clutch needs repair. In a worst case scenario you won’t be able to change gears.

Engine running without corresponding speed.

This is a situation in which the RPM is high but your car speed doesn’t match up. A failing clutch may be the problem.

Car vibrates

When you start moving the car on gear one and it vibrates before moving smoothly, the clutch may be the culprit. The car could also vibrate if some parts of the engine mount is loose or broken. The engine mount is what holds the car engine in place.

The clutch pedal is not like before.

If the clutch pedal feels too soft, too hard, or spongy when pressed this is a sign your clutch system needs to be serviced.

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