Design Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Masonry as per IS codes.

Masonry Unit.

Minimum compressive strength of masonry units used in reinforced masonry shall not be less than 7Mpa. Steel reinforcement of grade Fe 415 or less shall be used


At least M20 grade concrete should be used.

Minimum cover for steel reinforcement is 15mm top and bottom cover; 20mm for side cover.

Mortar Bed.

High strength mortars H1 or H2 shall be used in mortar bed.

Structural Continuity.

Where floor transfer horizontal forces to wall, there must be proper anchorage of steel reinforcement from floor to wall reinforcement.

Effective Span.

For simply supported/continuous members the smaller of;

  • Distance between centers of supports.
  • Clear distance between supports plus and effective depth, d.

For cantilever; the greater of;

  • Distance between the end of the cantilever and the centre of support.
  • Distance between the end of the cantilever and the face of support plus half its effective depth whichever is greater.

Slenderness Ratio. Walls/Columns.

Ratio of effective height Hef to effective thickness Tef for walls should not exceed 27. For columns; 20

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