PS5 Gaming Console Launches in November 2020

The PS5 gaming console launches in November 12 2020. The much anticipated PlayStation 5 will launch in 2 variants; the only digital edition and Blu ray drive & digital edition.The only digital edition will sell for $399, while the Blu ray drive combo digital edition will sell for $499. You can pre-order at selected retail stores. For more information, visit

PS5 gaming console features.

According to Sony, the PS5 console will come with the following features;

Stunning graphics:

The PS5 will bring a new level of realism as rays of light will be individually stimulated creating true to life shadows and reflections. The console is fully 4k, so you can play it on your stunning 4k TV. It will achieve a high frame rate during game play of up to 120 frames per second. It is also 8k ready so you can play on your 4230p Tv.

Lightning speed 

The PS5 will load games in an instant with the power of its custom CPU, GPU and SSD. The speed is so fast that game creators can now design games that were never before possible.

Backwards compatibility

You can play PS4 games on the PS5 console.

Upgrade PS4 games to PS5 games (digital)

The PS5 gives the ability to upgrade PS4 games to PS5. For instance, the upcoming FIFA 2021 will be released on the PS4 but can be upgraded to play on the PS5 console when it is out.

PlayStation®VR integration

You can play a lot of PlayStation VR games on your PS5 console, however, you will need PlayStation Camera for PS4 and a PlayStation Camera adaptor. More details on how you can claim an adaptor will be shared on

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