Nigeria major News Round up 16th September 2020

Nigerian students set to join other unions in upcoming nation wide protest against petrol and electricity tariff price hike.

The association of Nigerian students are set to join other unions for an upcoming nation wide strike to protest hikes in petrol and electricity fees. The students argues that despite Nigeria being a major oil producing country, it doesn’t have a functional refinery which could have made price of petrol a lot cheaper. They also rejected the recent increase in the price of electricity tariff. More of the story on Sahara reporters.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian labour congress (NLC) has given the federal government 2 week to reverse the recent hike in petrol and electricity tariffs or face civil unrest nation wide. This is according to the punch newspaper.

The federal government of Nigeria currently in talks with the trade unions to avert any form of strike or civil unrest over the recent price hikes.

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