Cultivating a small scale maize plantation

Harvested maize

Maize (corn) is a very popular crop that is easy to cultivate. It takes  about 3 months for the crop to mature for harvest. And if  you require drier grains,wait till after four months.

Health benefits of maize

Maize has been a stable source of food for mankind. It is very rich in carbohydrates and vitamins. It also contains, to a lesser degree; protein, sugar, fiber and fat.

Uses of maize as Food

Cooked corn starch is very nutritious for adults and children. A very nutritious food for babies from 6 months upward. Infact corn food products are a large content of baby/toddler food. Some common maize food products are corn flakes, corn starch, cornflour used in making bread, doughnuts, pancakes and much more.Freshly cooked or roasted  maize is a very popular snack. The application of maize in different food products is extensive.

Saving cost

If you consume a lot of cooked or roasted corn, corn starch or as feed for  chickens, it will be a good idea to have a small corn farm.  With half to one plot of land, you can reduce the cost of your maize consumption.if you have undeveloped land property or a large compound, you can cultivate maize. Maize plantation on a plot of land can yield over 70kg of grains.

How to plant corn

Maize plantation
Maize plantation

First things first; prepare the land for planting. The land must be cleared of weeds.You may make heaps to protect the crop from top soil wash off due to rain.

You can obtain planting seeds from grain sellersor agricultural institutes. Make sure you plant healthy seeds.You can plant about three seeds together and at a space of about 0.5 meters from another set.

Make sure your plantation is free from goats and other herbivorous can also protect the plants from pest by using agricultural insecticide.

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