Punctuation is used to make sense of what we read. It is used to convey the true meaning of what we write. punctuation is about how words relate to each other. it helps us know when to pause, stop, become exited, lift voice etc within a sentence. it also helps us know when to begin a sentence.

Punctuation marks.

Full stop (.)

Full stop ends a sentence. It is also used at the end of an abbreviation.

Comma (,)

Comma is used to separate words, clauses or phrases. It is also used to indicate a short pause withing a sentence. Commas are used to separate independent statements which are linked by; for, and,nor,but,or,yet and so.

Semi colon (;)

Words that need a stronger pause within a sentence requires a semicolon. example of words used after semicolon is; however, therefore, also, more over, furthermore, have, separately and consequently.

Colon (:)

Colons is used to introduce new information within a sentence. It can also be used before quotations or a list of things. colons makes the reader focus on whats happening next as he reads on.

Apostrophes (‘)

Apostrophe is used to show possession or ownership.

Speech marks (” “)

Are quotation marks used to record what somebody has said.

Exclamation mark (!)

The exclamation mark gives a lot of oomph. it tells us if a statement or work is made in anger or disgust.

Question mark (?)

It is put at the end of a sentence or word to indicate that it is a question.

Ellipsis (…)

An ellipsis is used to show that the writer has left something out deliberately.

Asterisk (*)

Asterisk is used to replace letter or words within a sentence. often used to replace letters of words that are too vulgar to pronounce.

Bullet points ()

It is used to tell us important points of what we are reading.

Stroke or Forward slash (/)

It is used to tell us that we have a choice to make or that we are reading lines of poetry

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