How to take a screenshot of information contained on your laptop/desktop screen using snipping tool.

Snipping tool is a software created by Microsoft to take screenshots of what is visible on your laptop screen. It’s been available for a while.

The software comes bundled with windows 10 operating system.

For more information, you can Google up “snipping tool” and get more information about the software on Microsoft support website.

Now on how to use it;

Type “snipping tool” on the operating system search bar to bring up the software, then click to activate.

Make visible on your laptop screen, information you want to capture.

Bring up snipping tool if necessary, then under mode, select “full screen snip”, immediately a screenshot of the whole laptop screen is captured. You have various editing options before finally saving the file.

To take screenshot of a part of what is shown on your laptop screen; under “mode”, selected “rectangular snip” then select the area you want to save.

To watch video on how to use this tool click this youtube link.

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