Virtual Reality (VR Gaming)

PS4 VR Hadset.

Virtual reality gaming is the latest generation gaming system that puts the player in a virtual 3D environment. For some virtual 3D games, it would seem as if the player is really in the game. (that’s why it is called virtual reality).
Virtual reality games are usually played with a VR headset(also called head mounted display ). the virtual reality headset will typically take the form of Head mounted googles with a screen in front of the eyes. (see Picture below of the PS4 virtual reality headset).
VR gaming is already attracting more gamers and investors. Since it is still very much in development, it will at some point eventually overshadow the conventional video gameplay system. (in which a gamer controls characters displayed on a non 3D screen).

The VR gaming problem.

People who play VR games are prone to motion sickness. Because virtual reality creates the illusion that one is in the game, when in reality, it is not,it creates a communication breakdown between the brain and bodysystem. for example in a VR game where the player appears to be moving in the virtual world, the brain might send signals to the body believing there is actual movement while the body might not respond adequately because it is actually stationary (or vice-versa), this communication breaking causes dizziness or tiredness during game play.

However practice makes perfect, as one continues to play VR games, the body eventyually ajusts, but this may not be the game for everyone.

If one experiences dizziness or other forms of sickness during VR gaming, it is strongly advised to stop immediately then continue when the body is fine.

However ,Virtual Reality Gaming is fast evolving and it is the latest happening in the gaming world at the moment.

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