Preventive measures that make it difficult for your car to get stolen.

  1. Never get out of your car even for a minute while leaving it running with the car key inside, a thief could just get in and speed off with it.
  2. Mind where you park your car, don’t park in lonely or dark places, your car may get stolen without anyone noticing.
  3. Ensure all car doors are locked and windows fully closed before leaving your car. Partially closed windows even a little space gives an opportunity for the car thief to easily break in.
  4. Park your car with the front facing an obstacle, this will make it less easy for a thief to maneuver your car and speed off.
  5. Do not keep your car papers/particulars inside your car; if your car ever gets stolen, it can aid the car thief in getting it out of reach.
  6. Never keep your spare or valet car key inside your car; car thieves always tend to know where it is kept.
  7. Make sure steering lock is engaged after parking your car.
  8. If your car has a security system or anti-lock device, understand how it works and use it to your advantage. Car thieves tend to avoid cars with anti-theft device at all cost.
  9. If your car doesn’t have an anti-theft device you can purchase a steering lock or clutch and brake locking device.
  10. Putting an anti-theft stickier on the rear windshield or car windows can help.
  11. Always observe your surroundings when driving and getting out of your car, ensure no one is trailing or monitoring your movements.
  12. If you purchased a second hand car, ensure you are giving all the car keys, they are usually 3; the original, spare and valet.
  13. If your car doesn’t have a tracker, you can install one. If your car ever gets stolen; the tracker can help know the car location and get it recovered.

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