4 Reasons why the PlayStation 4 is better than the PC for Gaming.

Slim PS4


With at least $300 you get the most advanced gaming console; the PlayStation 4 (PS4). To build a personal computer (PC) that would match or better the PS4, you will spend at least 3 times the price.

Plug & Play:

The PS4 is a computer built and optimized for gaming . Just insert your game CD or download the digital version and play without having to do any hardware or software upgrade. Even with a more powerful PC, you can’t be 100% certain you can play all game titles without the hassles of an upgrade.


The slim PS4 console is very easy to fit in a small bag and carry around as compared to desktop gaming PCs .


The only major maintenance you will need for your PS4 is to keep away from moisture and protect from power surges. However in addition with a PC, you will regularly have to rid the  system of junk files, virus checks and removal if you want your installed games to continue running smoothly.

I personally won’t recommend playing high ended games on laptops as most of them are not  fully optimized for that, except a gaming laptop which is expensive with a cost of 3 to 4 times that of the PS4.

Playing high ended games on un-optimized laptops will reduce their life span as a result of excessive overheating. If you are a PC game fanatic, better build a desktop PC to suit your gaming needs as they are much cheaper.

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