Common meaning of abbreviation used in car manuals and dashboards.

As a driver and/or car owner, you may sometimes find it necessary to go read your car manual to resolve some issue or get some clarification, In the process you may notice some abbreviations used in the car manual that you don’t understand, although the meaning are usually somewhere in the manual, you may not have the patience to search the page. Sometimes it may be an abbreviation flashing up on your dashboard or written somewhere on the body of your car. Here are some commonly used abbreviations in car manuals /dashboards and their meanings.

ABS; Anti-Lock Brake System.

ACC; Accessory

ALR; Automatic Locking Retractor

CRS; Child Restraint System

ECU; Electronic Control Unit

EDR; Event Data Recorder

ELR; Emergency Locking Retractor

EPS; Electric Power Steering

GAWR; Gross Axle Weight Ratings

GVWR; Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

I/M; Emission inspection and maintenance

LED; Light Emitting Diode

LT; Light truck

M + S; Mud + Snow

MMT; Methylcy clopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl

MTBE; Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether

OBD; On Board Diagnostics

ODO; Odometer

RES; Resume

SRS; Supplemental Restraint System

TIN; Tire Identification Number

TPMS; Tire Pressure Warning System

TWI; Treadwear Indicators

VIN; Vehicle Identification Number

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