Structural Analysis to BS 8110 with Excel.

Structural analysis which involves strenuous mathematical calculations is a core skill required for civil and structural engineers. Almost every project handled by a civil/ structural engineer will involve structural analysis.

Structural analysis can be very tedious and when there are many projects to be done, moving from one mathematical calculation to the other may eventually lead to frustration and then errors.

There are many structural analysis/ design software available that make analysis and design very easy, however , there are free structural analysis software available which can ease analysis and design, one of them is the RC 21 Sub-frame analysis excel program (RC 21) developed by reinforced concrete council UK.

RC 21 Sub- Frame Analysis

RC 21 analyses reinforced concrete frame structures to BS 8110. While the United Kingdom no longer uses the BS 8110 and adopted the Euro code, BS 8110 is still being used in many African countries, and also other countries outside Africa.

RC 21 analyses reinforced concrete elements based on input parameters to determine design moments and shear forces necessary to further calculate amount of reinforcement required.

You can watch the video on how RC21 works, by clicking the my youtube video link below.

RC 21 can analyze slab, beams and columns. It can analyze up to six spans and seven supports.

RC 21 can analyse up to six spans

Input parameters required for analysis to complete include;

Dead and live loads.

Span (slab/beam length)

Beam/slab/column section dimensions (size)

End conditions

Load factor

Colum height above/below beam level.

Results calculated include design slab, beam and column moments and shear forces. RC 21 considers 3 load cases and calculates design moments based on worse case loading. RC 21 is a free excel program, to down load, you can visit the following URL; REINFORCED CONCRETE FRAME ANALYSIS TO BS 8110.

You can also directly view and download RC 21 by clicking HERE

The excel program will open in your browser, to download finally, click the download icon at top right of your screen.

RC 21;Click download icon at top right of screen

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