What you need to know about MTN’s LUMOS MOBILE ELECTRICITY

                                          Lumos Mobile Electricity

Lumos mobile electricity comes packaged with;

  • 80W solar panel
  • One indoor unit (unit that stores electricity charge generated from solar panel)
  • 2 led bulbs
  • Usb and pin phone charger
  • DC to AC Converter

Lumos mobile electricity specifications.

300Wh Lumos Smart Solar PayGo  indoorUnit (MTN Yellow Box)

80W Solar Panel with cable

Two USB ports (5V DC / 2.1A)

60W DC to AC Converter (60W Inverter)

Two Bright LED Bulbs

Four DC Output jacks (12V / 2A)

Two Car Cigarette Sockets (12V / 8A)

6 hours Charge Time (Bright Day)

How it works.

Solar panel charges the battery in the indoor unit using energy from the sun.

(the solar panel must be installed on the roof to maximize energy use of the sun.)

You plug your electrical appliance to charged indoor unit.

Lomos Mobile Electricity System



What lumos mobile electricity can power;


Dc fan

Charge mobile phone

Small LED/LCD tvs (up to 14 inches)


Hair clippers

Dc light bulb

Small 60W AC  standing fan

Lumos Mobile Electricity and some appliances it can power

What lumos mobile electricity cannot power;

Air conditioner

Water heater

Electric kettle

Electric cooker

Desktop computer

Microwave oven


Ceiling fan


Washing machine and other heavy electrical appliances.

Cost and fees.

As of writing, you can get the unit for 20,000 naira at any MTN office and

Pay subscription fees daily, weekly or monthly;

1 day:  230 naira

10 days: 1800 naira

20 days: 3300 naira

1 month: 4500 naira

3 months: 12,600 naira

1 year: 46,720 naira

5 years: 219,000 naira

In short, you are paying installmentally for a period of 5 years.

You must pay for at least 20 days usage every month. After regular use for 5 years, the system becomes fully yours.

How to get Lumos Mobile Electricity.

Sign up at any MTN office with;

Your MTN Sim card

Valid ID card

2 guarantors

Install with the help of qualified/authorized professional.

Pay for electricity use using your MTN charged mobile phone 

How long lumos mobile electricity lasts when powering appliances.

This is the most frequently asked question. Depending on the number of valid appliances connected to the unit, when fully charged, can power appliances for 2- 8 hours. For very small appliances such as charging of phone and laptop, the device can be powering up these devices for almost 24hrs assuming a very bright day. The 2 led bulbs that comes with the unit can be powered up for 5 hours assuming the device is fully charged. It is best to use lumos mobile electricity to power only DC appliances for maximum enjoyment.

Is obtaining lumos mobile electricity worth it.

For low income earners; YES, the unit should cost around 200, 000 naira as onetime payment, so for those that can’t afford that much can obtain the unit with a downtime payment of 20,000 naira plus subscription fees of between 3,300 – 4500 monthly payments for the next five years. Also the system will be serviced free of charge during those five years as long as you don’t void the warranty.

For high income earners; NO, there are better solar/inverter alternatives  out there starting from around 150,000 naira onetime payment.

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