Requirements to open a Domiciliary Account with Diamond bank

A domiciliary account is designed to help you easily carry out foreign exchange transactions. With Diamond bank domiciliary account, you can bank in the three major world currencies; US dollars, Euros and the British pound.

To apply for an open a domiciliary account as an individual with diamond bank you will need these:

  1. A minimum of $100, or €100, or £100
  2. A completed application form.
  3. 2 reference forms completed by individuals maintaining a current account in any Nigerian bank. For faster processing use current account holders with Diamond bank.
  4. 2 completed signature specimen card.
  5. Means of identification; National ID card, International passport or Voters registration card.
  6. 2 recent passport photographs.
  7. Evidence of residential address; PHCN Utility Bill, Tenancy agreement etc.

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Diamond bank Domiciliary account transfer withdrawal charges.

Outward Transfer Charges;

  • Through branch: 0.5% flat on transfers Plus $20.
  • Through internet: 0.35% on transfers plus $20.

Account to account transfer within diamond bank;

  • Internet banking: free.
  • Branch: 0.5%.

Cash withdrawal:

  • 0.25% on cash withdrawn.

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